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Busy but excited

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Ribbon Cutting at 10th Anniversary celebrationThis has been a busy week. We had our 10th anniversary at work yesterday, which turned out to be very successful. We had somewhere around 50 people show up and the food, decorations, etc. went over well. It was definitely a very different experience than planning a party at my old job. I have to say a much much more pleasant experience. I had no idea bosses actually gave employees credit for their hard work. It was amazing to actually have my boss and the others I work with appreciate my efforts, which is something that didn’t happen at any of my other workplaces…have I mentioned I really like my job these days.

Tomorrow we leave for a weekend in New Concord, Ohio. For those of you who don’t have a clue where that is, it is a small town just outside of Zanesville, Ohio off of I70. We are going to spend the weekend with my parents at a metal detecting competition. I am excited b/c I also get to see some of “metal detecting buddies.” These are guys I have seen every year since I was 6, and despite our groups vast differences in lifestyle, jobs, age, and education we get along great. It is amazing how the group of us, who would probably never talk to each other in “the real world” have created such a bond around a shared hobby. And to top it off they get along with Matt and vice versa. I am very excited about visiting with them this weekend.

I also want to try something new with my blog: a section of 3 or so good things that are going on in my life on the day I am writing. I think I’ll call it Happy Thoughts. I am hoping it will be a step toward more positive thinking that might help pull me out of my current funk. (let’s all cross our fingers).

Happy Thoughts:

  1. I picked 38 delicious looking tomatoes from my garden this morning
  2. Today is pay day
  3. I am having a relatively good hair day

Who knew blogging could be so fun?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Building my blog has been an adventure so far.  While I work in web design everyday and feel  I have a decent grasp on the concepts, it is a whole new adventure when you are designing for yourself.  I call the shots and get to decide exactly where this or that should go. In a way it is scary because I no longer have the “client” to blame for a lousy design choice, but it is also amazing exhilarating.  I learn how to do things that I normally wouldn’t deal with at work; changing my site url inside a database for example.  Little steps like this, or even learning how to successfully install and use widgets in my blog, are a great accomplishment that send me running into the next room to tell somewhat what I just did. Somethig more than likely frowned upon in the quite office atmosphere.

I am also excited to work on a homepage for my new domain ( and move my portfolio from my father-in-laws website to my own.

On a side note:   My multi-talented husband is currently litterally up to his elbows in our car.  The CV axles need replacing, and instead of paying a mechanic to do it, he is tackling the job himself.  Luckily he has done this numerous times , but it is always nerve wracking waiting to see how things will turn out. Especially when we are destined to drive to Virginia in less than two days.  Please pray for our car and my husband’s sanity.