… And We’re Back

Recently some new people have stumbled across my poor neglected blog and commented that they enjoyed reading it, which has given me the urge to write again.  In the past, I blogged about my life, my work, family, technology, and posted humorous videos among other things.  However, I am not sure what form my writings will take this time around.

As before, I am sure some of it will be an outlet for my strong opinions on life in general, but I would also like to think I will blog about things that people find useful or at the very least entertaining.  Otherwise, why would any one ready in the first place.

I would also like to write some about some of my new interstes including knitting, which Ijust can’t get enough of, and biking.  I am currently embroiled in multiple knitting projects, including but not limited to a sweater for myself, a baby sweater for friends in VA, a herring bone scarf for Matthew, a set of wash clothes for my mother in law, and a baby blanket for Loops of Love.  Needless to say it takes up a lot of my free  and not so free time.

I have also started biking more regularly thanks to a wonderful purple bike Matt found at a yardsale.  My current goal is to ride to work at least once a week.  It has been quite fun and a great way to squeeze in some excercise in my already full schedule.

So, if there is still someone out there paying attention to my, as of late neglected blog, I am back.  i will continue to blog about my life as a geek, knitting enthusiest, part-time bike commuter, extrovert, wife (pastor’s wife, if you must), friend, first time home owner, lover of stupid internet videos, and complexly unique individual.

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  1. Addison Jackson Says:

    i always watch internet video on youtube and metacafe~-’

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